Hello there,

Here are answers to questions that are often asked to me during first appointments.


Are you Chinese?

I am not Chinese, but Asian. My origins are from Laos, a small country in South East Asia in between Thailand and Vietnam, under China. My parents arrived in Canada in the late 1980s and I was born in Lasalle, grew up mainly in Verdun and Laval.

In Laos and Thailand, acupuncture has an important place beside physiotherapy and within hospital settings, as I have witnessed during my travels.

South east asia map


Have you ever been to or returned to your country?

So, I was born here, but I have made a lot of research and self development trips. Following my bachelor in psychology, I became interested in humanitarian aid which brought me to the slums of South Africa. I have worked there for 3 months as a volunteer in the distribution of food for refugees and as an educator in a children's orphanage. Then I went on exploratory trips to Cuba, Hawaii, West Africa and Australia. The only continent I haven't been to is Antartica!

After university, I went to Thailand and Laos to connect with my cultural roots and meet my families there. My two grandmothers had 10 children each so I inherited a beautiful and large family all over the world.

In Laos, I did an acupuncture and cupping  observation course at Mahosot hospital with experienced acupuncturists and doctoral students in medicine. The team was very friendly and welcoming. I wrote here a short account of my acupuncture internship at Mahosot hospital (click to read).

In Thailand, I have taken teachings at Wat Pho Temple, the most famous temple in Bangkok for traditional Thai medical care (compresses, massages, herbs, etc.). I opted for training in massage and facial herbs for natural and traditional beauty treatments.


Why and how did you decide to practice acupuncture?

For several years, I worked in the field of community service with cultural communities and youth. I have always found it important to do work that benefits human beings in all their complexities. During these years, my parents were treated in acupuncture for all kinds of chronic pain by their best friend, Mr. Traybounrack who had studied western medicine in Laos with my father. So I was curious about this practice of energy medicine and I tested myself by taking acupuncture sessions. I fell in love with this medical art which is intended to be gentle and natural.

I made the choice to redirect my career and although the studies of 3 to 5 years were very difficult, today I am very grateful to be able to improve the health or relieve people's pain. I also discovered that my grandparents previously practiced this traditional medicine (suction cups, guasha, herbs, saunas). My own grandmother gave birth to her 10 children in the countryside, in full health and was a renowned midwife within her village.

How long have you been doing acupuncture?

It has been 15 years since I receive regular acupuncture and observe treatments of traditional oriental medicine. I have opened my clinic for a few years now. I have known many  acupuncturists who have dedicated 20 to 30 years of their lives healing people with this energy medicine and I love doing continuous trainings, here in Quebec and elsewhere in the world.



***If you have any more questions, feel free to ask me during our appointment!