Fall preparation

“In ancient times, people who understood the Tao (the path of self-cultivation) were based on Yin and Yang (the two principles of Nature) and lived in harmony (health).” – Huangdi Nei Jing Internal Classic of the Yellow Emperor


As we are about ten days before the official end of summer and beginning of fall, I would like to share with you some thoughts. According to Eastern medicine, the fall season is associated with the element of Metal and the organ of the Lung, which governs organization, order, boundary definition and border protection. This is a good time to complete the projects started in spring and summer, and to reap the rewards of your work. It is also the ideal time to start more introspective projects and to focus more on your personal life.

Healthy living


Sleep is an important aspect of staying healthy in the fall. We need to slow down our activities, go to bed earlier and get enough sleep.


The Lung is considered by Eastern medicine to be the highest organ in the body and therefore particularly sensitive to wind and cold. During this temperature change, dress well. I see clients still dressed for summer in the early cold of fall, which is an open invitation to cough, sore throat and colds. Above all, leave the summer sandals and protect your feet from the cold.

Now it’s time to strengthen your Qi to prepare for winter and strengthen your immune system. Strengthen your Lung Qi by walking outside, breathing fresh air and admiring nature while being well dressed. There is nothing more healing than the connection with nature and autumn being one of the most beautiful moments of the year to achieve this.


Emotional life


The emotion of the Lung is sadness and attachment. If you have difficulty leaving people, objects, experiences or spend a lot of time reliving the past, this may indicate a lack of energy in the Lung, which can lead to a risk of feeling a constant and unbearable state of grief. This prolonged condition can lead to depression and other psychological problems. Let go of negativity in your life, especially in the fall by making small changes. Negativity can be an extremely destructive force both physically and psychologically.



Reorganize, clean up and give


Fall is the perfect time to ponder on life. Go through your closet and take out all your old clothes, donate them to an organization for refugees in need and welcome this sense of charity.


Fall Flavoured Foods


Because the weather is starting to cool, it is advisable not to eat cold foods, such as salads and raw foods at this time of year. Good seasonal nutrition will help nourish the body and support the immune system in preparation for the winter months. Hot soups and stews are welcome. Vegetables must be well heated and cooked in a wok or steamer because cold foods extinguish Digestive Fire. Add ginger, curry, onion, black pepper and garlic to warm up from the inside.


On that note,

Happy transition,


Maleesa Phommavongsay, Ac.

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