La Vie est Qi is an acupuncture clinic located in Lasalle, Montreal, serving mainly clients within Verdun, Châteauguay, Lachine and Lasalle.

Life is "Qi", also written Chi / Ki / T'chi, is the basic unit of Oriental traditional medicine. Some describe it as a breath, a potential, an energy, a vital force invisible but present everywhere and always.

The traditional character of "Qi" demonstrates in him the complementary duality of Yin and Yang, two principles that must be balanced in order to obtain a good health both mental and physical.

The acupuncturist is then perceived as a gardener who watches over the inner landscapes of his patients. Is there enough sun, earth, water, minerals?

If the water does not go to the garden, is the faucet is open, is there water leakage, is the spray gun running, is there a knot in the garden hose?

The acupuncturist inspects, questions, listens, smells and feels in order to get a global and fair idea of ​​the aspects to work.

Maleesa Phommavongsay

Membre de l’Ordre des Acupuncteurs du Québec (OAQ)

Membre de l’Association des Acupuncteurs du Québec

Sweet and attentive, Maleesa wants to accompany each patient to an optimal state of well-being by actively involving them in their own health.

She became interested in acupuncture practiced by a family friend since only this therapeutic art managed to cure the ills of her parents. She later learned that traditional medicine was once used by her grandparents (cupping, saunas, medicinal herbs).


Beyond the interest in the practice of acupuncture, Maleesa is interested in cooking, cultural traditions and human rights.


To know here!

Acupuncture - Stimulation with acupuncture needles for the purpose of improving health or relieving pain

Tuina - Therapeutic massage promoting blood and energy circulation as well as pain reduction

Cupping - Small glass, silicone or plastic bells that increase blood flow to promote relaxation, healing and elimination of toxins from the body

Guasha - Ancestral technique of chinese healing which consists in scratching the skin to undo blockages

Moxa - Warming up acupuncture points with dried mugwort for heat and circulation

Electrostimulation - Acupuncture needles reinforced with tiny electric shocks for energy re-harmonization

Auriculotherapy - Reflexology technique using the reflex zones of the ear to detect and correct an imbalance


Opening hours

Monday: 10am - 5pm, 5 to 8pm on rdv

Tuesday: On appointment

Wednesday: 10am - 5pm, 5 to 8pm on rdv

Thursday:On appointment

Vendredi: 10am - 5pm, 5 to 8pm on rdv

Samedi:On appointment

Dimanche: 10am - 5pm, 5 to 8pm on rdv



Acupuncture 50$ (Value of 65$)

Cupping/Guasha/Auriculo 45$ (Value of 55$)

Kids and teenagers (less than 14 y.o) 40$ (Value of 45$)


*Prices are reduced to provide accessibility for complementary health services to various populations

N.B: Most group insurance plans cover the costs of acupuncture sessions and these can be deducted from tax as a medical expense.

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